Dave McKinnon Manufacturing
 " If you can envision it, we can help to make it happen "
Have you ever heard the saying "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right". That is our motto.  We work hard to ensure that everything we lay our hands on ends up looking like someone took the time and energy to make sure the customer will always look at their project and say "That's exactly what I wanted".
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Signs of all kinds, we have the expertise to do almost anything

Western Red Cedar Sandblasted Signs

Preparation is everything in determining how long something will last when it's asked to sit and endure the elements day after day. Our signs are mortised and tenoned together with 2" tenon's inserted into the mortised 6"x6" side poles which then stand and are secured in a HSS square tubing base which is anchored to cement bases with threaded rod. One color backgrounds are normally a good quality long lasting exterior stain. In this case the lettering is 24k gold leaf which will glitter and shine in the light for decades to come without any maintenance. 


Combining High Density Foam with Wrought Iron

Unlike wood, high density foam will last practically forever. It feels more like plastic than a foam panel. It can be carved, sandblasted, machined and bonded together. It is nearly as heavy as wood(depending on the density/sq.ft.) and is more expensive by a wide margin.  This sign was framed with some wrought iron and mounted in a heritage area of a city where only certain kinds of signs are allowed by law.

Knock down displays

Ease of installation and portability are paramount for sales reps. who are required to set up their own store displays and carry them into the display location themselves. We work with the customers to produce " idiot proof" displays that a child could assemble in no time flat. Simple and quick is the name of the game with no pieces to lose.  There are very few limitations to this kind of POP(point of purchase) display system.

Products tailored to the products you are trying to sell

A good display case sells the product for you

A well designed display case or holder is the key to selling your products. Why buy a mass produced display case that you have to work at to make your product look as nice as possible.  Your product needs to be as appealing and inviting as possible to a prospective buyer, you want them to pick it up and look at it then buy it.  The presentation of the product is 1/2 the battle.  These display cases were designed hand in hand with the client to be easy assembly with a minimum of tools and have slots and guides machined in them so there was no need for instructions. We produced these by the hundreds and shipped them to retailers all over the Atlantic East Coast.


Have a unique idea?  We can brainstorm to come up with a way to turn your idea into reality   

Being as diversified as we are, we have the unique ability to manufacture almost anything in house.  If you have an idea for a product but no one to make help turn your idea into reality I am sure we can put our heads together and come up with an end result that you will find most satisfying. 

  We spent weeks working on the mold design, printing of the flat material & molding to shape of this 3-D map the client sells quantities of on the internet to schools and church groups. This was a challenge we accepted and completed to the customers complete satisfaction.

Large solid wood lettering

Having all this diversification all under one roof simply means we have the ability to make whatever happen you want without you or us having to run around and find different "jobbers" to piece together a project.  Having the desire and the ability to produce so many different kinds of projects and products is what makes us unique in the industry. 

A little challenge is just what the doctor ordered

Details, Details......Details

It's the little details and extra's that make your project stand out from the rest.  We always rise to a new challenge, no matter what you are thinking.


Custom Acrylic Office Entrance  

This project was for a client who wanted a door frame that not only looked unique, but specified a 9' tall smooth bend acrylic frame colored metallic from the inside so as not able to be scratched off from the outside and a section in the top had to light up showing invisible when off red letters indicating they were on the air and not to be disturbed when turned on.  

Fleet Graphics

We always like to say no project is too small or too large & this was the case for a fleet of 150 bulk carriers that had full length striping in black and two tone red and reflective red vinyl centered in the black stripes. 

 If you are having trouble seeing the pictures, try updating your browser.  The website building tools we used are more geared towards newer browsers, we had completed our initial designs before we realized this.   I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you........ Dave