Dave McKinnon Manufacturing
 " If you can envision it, we can help to make it happen "
Have you ever heard the saying "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right". That is our motto.  We work hard to ensure that everything we lay our hands on ends up looking like someone took the time and energy to make sure the customer will always look at their project and say "That's exactly what I wanted".
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'Wood' means 'Wood', not plastic with chipboard inside. 
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when it comes to quality in woodworking, I believe there is no substitute for real wood.

Always figure, if it's done right the first time, it will not have to be replaced in your lifetime.   

3/4" Solid hardwood drawers

After all the years we have been putting things together, we have elected NOT to change the way things go together simply to save on costs.  We still use dovetail joints in all our main drawers and our larger 'Pots & Pans' drawers. 

 Our Appliance storage drawers are constructed from 3/4" thick hardwood  faced veneer cored plywood for moisture stability and edges faced with 3/4" of solid hardwood which is tenoned into the top drawer edge. The edges are then rounded over and sanded smooth for that no joint feel. We use 1/2" or 3/4" thick bottoms depending on the drawer width's to ensure that they don't come apart in your lifetime or the next even if something heavy is dropped into the drawer by mistake.  

7/8" - 15/16" Thick hardwood cabinet fronts

Our face frame cabinets have the outer frames assembled with no visible fasteners, they are all fastened from the inside making them hidden and clean.  Our face frames are attached to the cabinet bodies with 2.5" screws which are then covered with tapered plugs cut from the exact same material as the frames and are then glued grain matched to the faces which are then sanded flush with the face frames making them practically invisible.  Of course the plugs are meticulously placed in locations where they will be covered by doors where possible. Attention to small details is what the customer notices and shows to their friends.  

Attractive eye catching corner cabinets with mirrored walls, glass shelving and accent lighting 

I've always figured if we are going to make something special for someone, it should be truly eye catching and not 'run of the mill'.  We design our cabinets to be different widths, different heights, different depths, different shapes and sizes for a purpose............. when you walk in to your kitchen I want you to be  'WOWED' every time you enter it.

Matching existing trimwork and or cabinets

We work hard to give YOU what YOU want, so don't let someone talk you into something that will look nice, but, you will always find yourself thinking " I really wish I had been able to have it exactly as I wanted it".  My mother has always said to me "As good as someone may think he or she is , there is always someone else out there who is better".  There is no greater way to enhance your abilities than accepting a new challenge.

Wood pullouts for corners

A simple but effective way to utilize corners is with pullouts that move out of the way to get at less used items, but are still accessible without a lot of digging.

Fully adjustable pullouts 

Just think, wouldn't it be nice if you could have your stored items on slides and be able to pull them out to gain access to the rear of the shelf with ease and have the ability to put them where you want them within a 1/4".  We have designed and manufacture our own custom drawer slide holders to make this adjustability as easy as 1,2,3.  Our pullouts are all solid hardwood framed and completely rounded over and smooth to the touch.  The bottoms are either 1/4" or 1/2" thick (depending on the use) hardwood covered plywood.

A true 'Raised Panel' door, one of the only ones in the industry
Our doors are designed, machined and assembled with "Our own hands" not brought in from a mass cabinet door producer.

Our kitchen cabinet door frames are 13/16" to 7/8" thick with a 3/4" thick center raised panel that protrudes from the frame by a minimum of 1/4" to give them a truly 3-Dimensional look that no others have.  YES, it means more work, YES, it takes more time and YES, it looks second to none.

Custom designed & assembled doors 

We are not here to tell you what you want, only what we can do to assist you to get what you have always wanted and didn't think you could have. Our doors have a substantial look and feel to them seen from any angle.  They are hand sanded and finished to achieve a look you just can't get any way else.  Wood working and finishing is a skill and trade only accomplished through practice combined with the will and desire to achieve the best possible results.  The end product looks fantastic and has a finish that is"as smooth as a babies bottom" time and time again. 

Islands that are useful, not just beautiful

If you have the space for it, the kitchen island is the first thing someone notices as soon as they come in to your kitchen.  You just need to decide what you want your island for.  What are you wanting to do with it?  What is it's main purpose in your kitchen and how can it assist you in doing what you want to do on it.  We can come up with many ways and ideas to use every square in of your island that will make you smile. 

Designed with you in the drivers seat

You want the pieces in your work space in the locations you want them and you should have them just the way you want.  So, sit down with a piece of paper, close your eyes and imagine your cooking something... anything.... picture where things need to be in order for you to make things as easy for you as possible.  The sky's the limit, then you just have to find someone who will work with you to achieve the result you desire without giving excuses or asking for unreasonable compromises. 

Custom trim work

We design and machine almost all of our own trim we use in our projects.  Our desire is to give you something no one else has so friends will ask where it came from.  The shapes and contours we can machine into the door edges are too numerous to list.  Our glass doors can have mullions(pane dividers) installed or not, you have it done the way you would like it, and accept nothing less.

Pullouts designed with you in mind

Everything has its place and our aim is to let you use every square foot of your kitchen with a minimum of lost space.  The thing about 'Custom Designed Cabinetry' is that it designed and built to fill all of the space you have available, NOT built to industry standard sizing then having to use fillers to 'cover' any spaces left over. 

Easy Access Pullouts

Custom means Custom... We design and assemble all our pullouts and storage racks with what you need and want in mind, put exactly where you want them(space permitting of course). The less you have to bend and reach, the more you will appreciate all the hard work, time and energy we put in to the design and layout of your "Dream Kitchen". What sells most for us is the satisfied client telling others what we have done for them. 

The right counter top for the right project 
You have the choice to have what you want

In the day and age of everyone wanting stone granite and marble counter tops it's nice to know there is still a fabulous looking alternative to the cold, expensive and breakable quarry stone's (that's our opinion of course)

Heavy island counter tops

Our Island top and or breakfast nook counter tops are a minimum of 1 1/2" thick across the entire surface, not just on the overhang area. Very robust and edged with inlaid thick, heavy solid wood, these extended tops need no finials underneath for strength. The edges are routered to an appearance enhancing shape and style.  These tops are strong enough to almost park a car on.  The tops are custom manufactured with no seams or joints on pieces 5'x12' and smaller.  

  The base material for the counter tops is good one side veneer core plywood. Any sizes over 8' in length are joined with a 2" tongue and groove sanded invisible to ensure its strength and durability over it's entire length. Our back splashes are manufactured in the same manner using slightly thinner for material.  The finished look is "One of a Kind" and something you can be proud of for years to come.    

Choosing the correct counter top

The correct counter top will finish the entire project and if done right will look like it was meant to be there.

Granite counter tops mixed with the beauty and warmth of real wood


We don't use any cabinet fillers of any kind.  Each piece is designed for a particular location in your kitchen and is assembled to fit in like a glove.  We try hard to utilize every available space and that means thinking outside the box most times.  Different cabinet shapes and sizes are a challenge that we step up to the plate for and look forward to with each new project. 

Bathroom vanities

These can be designed and built to fit in odd shapes and spaces.  Why stop the cabinet from touching the walls simply because the walls are odd shapes and in not convenient places.  We want these to look fabulous from any angle. 

Appearances are everything

Even if you have not purchased your appliances before hand as long as we are supplied with their measurements everything can still be installed without them on-hand.  Trying to fill all the usable space with something nice and innovative is the name of the game.  There are no rules to follow, just tell us what you would like and we'll tell you how we are going to accomplish it for you.

Heavy duty full extension drawer slides

Even our main drawers have full extension slides capable of at least 75lbs of load bearing at full extension. Our 'Pots & Pan's' or Appliance drawers come standard with 150lb rating full extension slides.  Sometimes not knowing what someone is going to put into them means building them just in case..... the what if's in life... Double tiered full extension slides capable of 250-300 lbs of load is just what the doctor ordered here.  An engineer friend of mine says it best " If your going to be a bear, best to be a grizzly bear" and We don't want to have to come back to your house to make repairs because of failed components even if they are guaranteed for life.

 If you are having trouble seeing the pictures, try updating your browser.  The website building tools we used are more geared towards newer browsers, we had completed our initial designs before we realized this.   I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you........ Dave