Dave McKinnon Manufacturing
 " If you can envision it, we can help to make it happen "
Have you ever heard the saying "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right". That is our motto.  We work hard to ensure that everything we lay our hands on ends up looking like someone took the time and energy to make sure the customer will always look at their project and say "That's exactly what I wanted".
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Unlimited Customization
Complete Room Renovation Packages
There are just no limitations, Custom Entertainment Centers, Wall Units, Complete Built-ins, Desks, Tables, Chairs, Hutches. Just think of the difference in appearance you can make in a room when you can have custom made, one of a kind wall and door casings.  Even the ceilings can be designed and built to match what you see in your minds eye, turning a normal everyday room into something that looks like it is made for a castle.

 One of a kind, means just that, something that begs everyone to ask where you got it.

Built-in Units to fit any given space
I say, there is no such thing as "one size fits all".  Your project is made for YOU with YOUR needs in mind.
MDF is an alternative and cost effective way to construct custom built-in wall units, book cases and entertainment centers that are still one of a kind, and fabulous to look at, but,  not having the price tag of using #1 hardwoods. 

Solid, V-groove, glass, or whatever you can dream of for door centers.

Built-ins for bedroom and closets
The finishing touch to any bedroom or closet is a well designed closet or bedroom organizer

Designed, built and colored to suit individual tastes and styles.  The options are nearly limitless in designing a piece for every article of clothing you may have and putting it in a place where it actually makes sense and fits.


Finally, a place to put things where they should be.

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