Dave McKinnon Manufacturing
 " If you can envision it, we can help to make it happen "
Have you ever heard the saying "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right". That is our motto.  We work hard to ensure that everything we lay our hands on ends up looking like someone took the time and energy to make sure the customer will always look at their project and say "That's exactly what I wanted".
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Mantle pieces that have them asking where you got it. 

Designed to fit your room

If your sitting around watching the crackling fire, there is nothing nicer than a mantle that fits the design of the room and compliments the furnishings and trim work.  We strive to ensure that when we leave your place we have left a product that will enhance your home, one you will be happy with for years to come.  After all a happy customer will 'brag' about our work without us having to say a word. 


Bigger or smaller, taller or shorter, wide or narrow, enclosed book case or shelving above or beside it.... 

A well designed mantle is the center of your family room and deciding on how to approach the project will directly affect the finished product in how it appears in your room and its appeal to you and your visitors.

Real Wood or MDF

The final choice is always the customers, but we will lend our experiences and expertise to help you decide what material we will use. MDF has properties which make it quite suitable to be around drastic temperature changes without affecting it much as far as expansion and contraction go.  As well as the ability to accept many different finishes which can fool people into thinking it is real stone work or something that was gotten from an antique shop for a far lesser cost than an "heirloom" piece.

The warmth and feel of real wood

Wall dividers to separate rooms and still maintain the feel of a large room

Whatever the requirements, dividing rooms can be done fairly simply when you want something nice that is not a sheet rock wall. It is just a matter of time, energy, material and of course a reasonable cost to you.


Directory boards

Our directory boards are one of a kind designed and assembled to last a long time, with hinged doors and interior walls to make plaque changes easy, simple and quick.  We have an in-house sign shop and printing equipment that allows us the ability to do practically whatever we need to without having to out source and parts of any project. 

Interior signs that catch your eye 

From start to finish we tailor each job to each specific customers requirements and budgets while still trying to give each project a totally custom look.

One off's or multiple units designed for your particular use

Mixing wood, glass and bent acrylic to achieve a totally custom look

These one of a kind display cases were manufactured and assembled totally in-house.  Our expertise is in many areas, and we use it to the best of our ability to give our customers what they are requiring without anyone having to spend the time and energy to find several companies who produce only certain parts of their project and then try to assemble the different pieces into one working product.


If you need a special design to house your special product

Custom designed and manufactured isn't as cost prohibitive as you might think.  Why try to use a display cabinet that just isn't suited to your needs? Your products should be displayed in a way that makes them look desirable to the consumer you are trying to sell to. After all selling your products is why you are in business.

Custom made Doors, Trim work and Signs

First impressions are the most critical and the ones you cannot change. They tell people about who you are and what you are about without even saying a word.  A truly fabulous entryway will entice someone through the door wanting to see what's on the other side.   

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